There has been some questions about what various people are selling for British cars. The units that we sell, as well as everyone else, to the best of our knowledge are factory remanufactured units. The confusion arises because most of the units you see look so good they appear to be new. Well, truth is, they might as well be new. Many of them contain very few parts that are not brand new. Very commonly it is only the castings and various covers that are reused.

A brief discussion about what the difference between new, remanufactured and rebuilt.
Rebuilt generally means what they do down at the local auto electric shop. They will replace worn parts and parts that usually break on that model. If they don't last long then they will take it apart again and try to fix it. Frequently a frustrating experience.

Everyone knows what new is. A large factory receives large quantities of small parts and raw materials, bearings, gears wire, connectors etc, and builds them into a starter. They build them to very tight specifications and test them accordingly. They build them in huge quantity to keep the cost down, but they are still expensive because of the costly castings stampings and windings that must be made for every one.

Factory remanufactured is much more like new than anything else. A large factory receives in truckload of used starters, where they sort them into different types. They are dissassembled, and all of the wear items are discarded. The castings are checked, cleaned and remachined. Armatures are rewound and tested. All parts are checked for wear, and if they don't meet spec, they are discarded. The units are then assembled with new parts and tested to the same specs that the new starters are. If you were to walk onto the assembly floor of a remanufacturing plant, you would not be aware that they are not new parts.

Because all new castings and non wearing parts don't usually have to be used, the remanufactured starters offer a much better value to the consumer. Remanufactured starters usually last just as long as their new siblings, without the added cost. This is why we choose to use these for our standard line of starters, and back them with the best warranty in the business.