Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this fit my car? Do I have to cut, weld, rewire, disassemble, the entire vehicle?
A: We make starters for over 90 percent of the British vehicles from 1952 to 1987 and beyond and we are still adding more. You will never have to make permanent modifications to the vehicle to fit one of our starters. You may have to change the connector from a ring terminal to a quick disconnect type, and early cars you will need to make a jumper[available for a small charge]. If you think you need to get out the angle grinder, give us a call first, maybe we have a better answer.

Q: Will your starter turn over my[insert heavily modified vintage race car here]?
A: Yes. Four to Twelve cylinders, never a problem. We also have higher power starters available if you have any concerns.

Q:Do you sell direct?
A:Yes, but many of our dealers offer significant discounts so it pays to shop around!

Q:What is your warranty?
A:Our standard units come with a one year retail warranty. We have reasonably priced repair kits and will always repair any of our units if you cannot find suitable repair locally.

Q:Are your units new or rebuilt?
A:Our standard line of starters are factory remanufactured not rebuilt. It may seem like word games, but there is a big differencehere is a discussion Virtually every aftermarket starter on the market, even those professing to be new, are remanufactured items. Nippondenso has not made the exact style starter pictured in all of the ads I have seen for some time now, so they cannot be selling them new. Click above for a more detailed discussion.
We are now pleased to announce that we have a new line of starters. Our Rover V8 starter has been such a hit that we decided to make that new high quality high power unit available for all of the vehicles we cover. New starter info

Q:I noticed that the starter you sent me has a different gear than the one that came off, is it going to work?
A:Yes. The most common application is when the original starter had a 1 inch diameter 9 tooth pinion. We use a slightly larger 11 tooth pinion instead. This is exactly what the auto manufacturers did when they used this same starter, and it has some advantages in torque transfer because of its superior tooth form. Other applications the same size gear is not available for the Denso style unit, so we use a different size pinion of the same pitch instead. We then adjust the dimensions of the starter to make up for the difference. We felt this was better than trying to have small batches of special gears made, both from a cost standpoint and for reliability.

Q:Why are your starters less expensive than other conversion starters?
A:We are the manufacturer. We convert the starters right here in house, cnc machining adapter plates and starter noses every day. We are not just a middleman. Most other units you have to buy from a guy who bought from a guy, who, well, you get the picture. We sell direct to you, and direct to your parts retailer. No one else does this. You pocket the difference.