Sprite Starter from Gustafson Machine high performance gear reduction sprite starter for sprite and midget

Gear Reduction Sprite Starter
Available through

  • BritishStarters.com
  • British Parts Northwest
  • R.D. Enterprises
  • JAE
  • McLean'sBritBits
  • The Little British Car Co
  • The B-Hive
  • Spridgetech
  • Brit Tek
  • Rivergate Restoration

    This starter replaces the Lucas number 25149 [s3512] starter, used in numerous British cars from the 1950's till 1980. It offers several clocking positions for different applications. Most are quite easy installations requiring no modification of the vehicle other than small wiring changes. The late midget with the 1500 engine require a 'blind bolt installation' which is not quite as easy, but still not a problem. The same is true of the early MGB. It may also require a very slightly shorter bolt, to ensure the threads do not bottom out in the blind threaded hole.